Discover different ways to play

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 Game Modes - Discover different ways to play Free Fire

Hello, survivors!

Discover different ways to play

We mentioned in a recent developer blog (kalahari) that we're back to talking about game modes - here we go! Throughout this article, we'll talk a little bit about our philosophy behind developing game modes, share our successes, and give an indication of what will happen in the future. ;)

Why are we developing different game modes?

Although the Battle Royale gameplay is the focus of our game, we know that sometimes it can be difficult to get all of your team together and join a game - we also know that sometimes a Battle Royale game can take a long time. You might be looking for a quick game, or looking for a different experience, but you still want to play Free Fire.

By developing various game modes, we're still exploring the things that make Free Fire unique - and we'll talk about that in another blog! - Various ways and settings, presenting a completely new experience in our game. We think creating these experiences is of great value for exploring different ways to enjoy our game!

Through the game modes, we can really extrapolate certain aspects of the game for fun, which is an important aspect of these different game modes. These are reflected in game modes like Big Head Mode and Deadly Dagger Mode.

We also think it's important for you to meet your team and compete without having to worry about your friend on the other side, which is why we also have PvE game modes for players who like to come together and take on a different kind of challenge. We recently tried other types of game modes - team-focused, with fast-paced competitive combat. Clash Squad was the best example of this.

The best of the best

As we try to release different game modes with each update, we also hear your opinion on which method you prefer. Your feedback helps us to know what we are developing and how we are developing these game modes and also helps us improve the game modes already in the game. This is why we're seeing more hard work to improve Squad Clash - your passion for this game mode showed that there's more room for us to grow. Over the past updates, we've made changes to it to make it more competitive and fun. It won't make any difference in the next update either, as we're very excited to make a drastic change to the squash clash mode.

In the future, we'll also try to relate the game modes to the events that happen in the game - we've decided before with the pumpkin mode and the extermination mode, and your response to them was great - as our game's events evolve, we hope you'll improve our game modes as well.

A glimpse into the future

In 2020, game modes are definitely something we want to keep working on. However, we want to make sure that we develop fun and exciting things that you are passionate about too. It is very difficult to add many game modes to every update and there are many ideas we can get that can be implemented in between each update. In the future, you will see that we are working on improving the current game modes, reviewing the old game mode and trying to make it more fun, or trying some new things with the learning we learned from the previous released game modes.

We also know that there are certain game modes (we're looking at you clash team) that you guys like. For them, we take a special look and try to constantly improve the gaming experience, while also trying to make it more fun and in some cases more competitive. Perhaps in the future, we'll have more ways to show who really is the best, also if you're not in the Battle Royale category.

More news soon

In the future, we will be sharing more things about the game mode in general, because we have a lot to share about Clash Squad, for example. The next update will come on 02/25 - and we'll be bringing new game modes, so let us know what you think on our social media!

See you on the next blog