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 Download Garena Free Fire, a new battle royale game on mobile

Download Free Fire, a new Battle Royal style game that works on Android and IOS phones.

Download Free Fire

Garina Free Fire could be the competitive game for PUBG that has gained wide popularity and the number of players very large in the recent period, and it is the most suitable alternative to it, which he touched compared to Baji with a distinctive design and design, in addition to the minority players.

In Free Fire you have to survive and not die at the end of the level.

Join a group of powerful survivors, trained soldiers and ordinary people in your battle in an all-out war where the only way to win is to live.

It all starts with an umbrella. Up to 50 parachute players for a deserted island. When on Earth, every player is the same as they search for weapons, their heal, and other key items for their survival. By running empty buildings and infiltrating enemies when they least expect them. Over time, the play area will begin to shrink, causing players to get close and more interaction. In the end, the last winner is the winner in Free Fire.

Free Fire Game Features:

Excellent graphics.

Great map supports a lot.


Great sound and effects.

The game size is rather small compared to other Battle Royale games.

The number of players is only 50, which makes it much easier to play.

Multiple gaming environments.

The game needs the specifications of regular smartphones, as the game works on weak processors and does not need superpowers, so it works on weak phones for women to some extent.

Download Garena Free Fire for phones:

Version: 1.46.0

The file size is 515 MB

Download the xapk version for Android devices: here

Download for iPhone and iPad from iTunes: here