Pets in free fire 2020 : Free Fire leaks

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Pets in free fire 2020 : Free Fire leaks

The new update

During the past updates, we have been adding more and more pets to the game. We are also tweaking the way the system works to make it more convenient for those who love to collect pets, and really appreciate the benefit they bring in the game. Today we're going to talk about this system that has become an integral part of Free Fire. Having a pet next to you can be really beneficial: their skills can help you in fights, and getting the right pet when you jump off a plane can make a difference and you won't expect it. Also, they are very nice.

Pet system ?! In Battle Royale ?!

Attention, the following information is confidential! The pet story is a little different from how normal gameplay was born. One of the things we always get affected by in Free Fire is how it breaks through communication walls and is able to help people make connections and communicate with others. These connections come from many different angles, and we wanted to portray them by representing gameplay in one way or another. We have guilds, ladders and friend lists, but what if you want to play Solo? Our developers then tried to find things other than Free Fire, which brought such strong links to them in their lives?

Coincidentally, most of them have pets at home, and these pets provide so much love and companionship that they are so overwhelmed with their lives that it makes us think: What if our game has pets? Sure, it sounds like an odd mix of pets in Battle Royale, but when you really think about it, it makes a lot of sense. Entering Bermuda or the Kalahari and fighting your way to the top is always more fun when you have company with your friends to share this joy with them. We knew it wouldn't be easy to bring pets to Free Fire, but we're sure we can and we can do it in a way that makes the game better.

We know that many players prefer to enter squad or squad mode. After all, hanging out with friends, chatting, flirting with some guys, working your way through some wins and Puyah is a lot of fun. Connecting with others while playing is very important, and it makes a huge difference in how much fun you can have in the game. Simply, playing with friends is super fun! Knowing that playing with friends is more fun, but knowing that it isn't always possible to do so, we had to be creative. Through the developers' personal experience with their pets, we've discovered one main thing: You can play the game on your own, but you are never alone.

Having contact while playing can help you bring your own skills to play. Of course, pets are also useful when playing on a team, but that makes them much more fun, right? With the pet system we try to provide more customization for it as we do with the other aspects of the game. We are also constantly improving the system to make it more enjoyable for everyone, regardless of their intention to engage with the system at first. By having pets in the game, we hope every player will find a companion to have fun and help in the battle!

The pet system evolved

If you've been playing for a while, you'll notice that we're making many improvements to our pet system. Not only have we made more pets for home boats, but we recently added the ability to change skills between them. This way, you can still bring your favorite pet to the battlefield and make it more useful according to your strategic needs. We did this because we know you might enjoy a certain pet look, but another pet skill. We also try to add a variety of pets, from cute (boring, right?)

Into futuristic and sophisticated animals. In essence, everyone should have a pet to suit their taste! Not to mention that pets can show their adorable moves through their dance, so both of you can showcase your dances after killing him or after winning fights, right?

Like all other systems in Free Fire, we are always trying to improve. Your opinion, as players, is really important to us! What do you think about the pet system? What do you think could be better? Let us know through comments on social media!

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