The end is near ...

القائمة الرئيسية


 The end is near ...

New features

New areas in Bermuda - Polsea

New areas in Bermuda - Polsea

Addition of a hotspot - an area where a high percentage of supplies are created

Add more ropes and launchers (launchers) in Bermuda

New Weapons: CG15 - A weapon that can be quickly reloaded and loaded, which will deal great damage to the opponent.

New Tool: Info Box - A tool that detects the player's location, upcoming gameplay and Airdrops status

Skydiving: Players can now choose to jump with their friends!

Add new music while skydiving

Severe character - Laura

Skills: Increased accuracy and accuracy when assigning laparoscopically.

New updates on Guild (Syndicate)

- Players can now obtain formation coins (tokens) after completing kid's missions

Gilead Tokens can be used and exchanged for exclusive items on the Free Fire Market.

- Add chat and records in gilt list

Zombie Invasion - Join the zombies as new members of the Dark Side

Add Arabic as one of the language options

New entry image and new lobby background


The end is near ...

Improved startup screen

Reset playback screen for better quality

Camera adjustment and animation for landing

Increase the efficiency and accuracy of imaging after getting up from a crouched position.

Mood improvement treats death

Improved user interface

- Increase the shield immunity for all zombies

From now on, there will be random drops from the sky after the zombies are killed

Improved UI on Weapon Tray

Improve the match result page

Improved pet user interface

Store update

Weapons now feature PvP and PvE mode

New fashion and accessories collection

Redesigned 2 x Exp, Gold, Chapters icon to make it look more visible

Update the look of Elite Pass on the launcher page

Add an indicator to indicate the use of Medkits and grenades

Avent items will be placed in the last inventory.

Modify the word (Bue)

Add a 2x grading card

Add a "Details" button in the rank of Season Rewards

Players can now open multiple loot boxes at the same time

Add a button to take all available pieces at once

Add the Royal Weapon Coupon

Added "Get All" button to order all Elite Pass awards

Players will now receive a thank you letter upon completing them as hackers or hackers.