The new update free fire

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 Clash squad in the workbook

"Clash Squad has already become one of the main game modes for Free Fire along with the Battle Royale Classic mode. We have received comments from many of you saying that you hope you can take the game mode to a competitive level and we also think there is a possibility for that. In this update," We'll launch Clash Squad in the ranked position for you guys to fight for points at the top of the list. This mode will have a separate ranking mechanism and different from the ranking mode in Battle Royale, we keep the regular mode of Flash Squad available for players who are still preparing and training, but other than So, it is time for classification!

Clash Squad - The pre-season will be available 09/4

Smoke bomb

Available on the Clash Squad Store


“The smoke bomb has been one on most of your wish lists since the launch of Smoke Barrel. We are trying that in Clash Squad this season to see what kind of strategy games you guys will be developing while adding to the game. "

The new update free fire

Available only in Clash Squad mode.

Each player can only carry one smoke bomb.

Price: 300

Smoke time: 25 seconds

Squash Clash - In Store Update

Available in classic and classified Clash Squad mode

"We will change prices and exchange some weapons based on popularity from last season. Expect more changes throughout the season as we continue to strive to balance your gameplay in Clash Squad."

update free fire

Replace UMP with the M60.

Replace the CG-15 with the Thompson Weapon.

Replace the light bomb with a smoke bomb.

The Kar98k snipers come with a biometric telescope.

XM8 and M1014 increase the price of the weapon.

Game update


Loot map and terrain mods

"We made some changes to the Kalahari, so the interior became less crowded. Also, we change the flight height and tracks a little so that they can cover most of the map."

Filter: Reduce the amount of containers, the distance between the pallets, and add a ladder connecting the pallets.

Maze: Reduce the height of the maze.

Basis: Reducing the amount of containers and tracks added between the upper and lower pallets.

Other areas: Remove some unnecessary covers.

Brightness: Adjust lightning and saturation inside and outside buildings.

Adjust the itinerary to cover more areas.

Increase the flight height so players can skydive to more areas.

New character - Capella

Available on Free Fire Store

Capella - Join our K-Pop captain in Free Fire!

Healing Song - Increased Healing Effect by 10/12/14/16/18/20%, Healing Skills by 10%. Reducing the loss of the team's health score when it is reduced by 20/22/24/26/28/30%. Effects do not accumulate

Kelly - "Fast"

Task difficulty adjustment

"We will reduce the difficulty of this mission a little bit because most players have some problems completing this mission with others. We will also fix a bug that allows the game player to rely on the progress of the mission."

Sprint 600-> 400 km while using Kelly

The game player will no longer be used in mission progress.


Available in all modes

You have requested and we are accommodating your requests.

Motorcycle players now support.


Available in classic mode

Damage: 50

Launch Rate: 77

Ammunition magazine: 40

Resolution: 34

Refill: 48

Range: 33


Weapon feature adjustment

"We felt that the performance of the MP5 was still a bit poor even after adding the electric booster. We improved the MP5 slightly to increase its mid-to-close combatability."

Release rate: + 25%

Accuracy: + 7%

Movement Speed: + 20%

Effective range: + 13%

Remove the handle from its accessories

Initial shot accuracy 3> 6


Weapon feature adjustment

"UMP performed very well at the start of the game, but it drops sharply due to the low potency against armor. We will increase the damage from penetrating armor to increase its susceptibility to shield enemies."

Damage: +1

Damage: +5

Armor Penetration: + 25%

Recoil: -25%

Movement Speed: + 15%

Range: -5%


Weapon feature adjustment

"The M1887 was a bit strong compared to other rifles due to its extremely low reload time, leaving the player with almost no opportunity to respond to an opponent. We will increase the reload time on the M1887 and reduce minimal damage to ensure that an opportunity for other players to respond."

Armor Penetration: + 6%

Release rate: + 4%

Refill: - 30%

Minimum damage: -1

New Pets - OTRO

Available at Free Fire Store on 04/17

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Double Skill - When using Healing Pistol or Medical Equipment, the receiver will also recover some EP points. EP amount refunded is 30/50/65% of HP refunded.


Available in all positions on 4/19

Other improvements:

Players can no longer hide on tree leaves.

The bag cover will now appear when you get off the plane.

A setting has been added to reduce the delay of automatic capture.

Camouflage suit added to the Kalahari map.

Players will not cancel the mushroom capture by double-clicking the Consume button.

Using Active Skill while selecting scope will not nullify the weapon.

Improved special effects for treasure maps.

Additional missions have been added to the Elite Announcement and Weekly Challenges.

Gamecenter login is now supported.

Kalahari has been added to Survivor Directory.

Players can now quickly prepare for a character's exclusive item when unlocked.

Players can now purchase Character Parts in the Character Select menu.