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Link to download the application Tawakalna on Android and iPhone

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 The Tawakolna application is one of the important applications inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which has been approved by the Saudi Ministry of Health in the last period, 

in order to help fight the Corona virus in various parts of the Kingdom, as the application was developed by the National Information Center.

The Tawakolna application works to provide all real-time information directly on the number of cases of corona infection in all regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as it greatly helps in early detection of suspected cases of Coronavirus, 

in the event that symptoms appear on all users, and the application allows citizens and residents to obtain permits To go out during the imposition of a curfew in various regions, some cities and neighborhoods due to the outbreak of the Corona virus.

Tawakolna application features

The application also allows work to follow up cases of pre-exit request, and follow-up cases of Corona in various regions around the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the application also works to warn users in the event that they approach affected or isolated areas due to the outbreak of the epidemic in them, 

and it is also possible through the application to report suspected cases Infected with the Coronavirus, in order to help obtain necessary medical assistance.

Inquire about the results of the achievement through measurement

The Education and Training Evaluation Authority also announced that it will announce on Saturday evening the results of male and female students in the achievement test for this year (1441 AH - 2020 AD), which can be obtained through the (Tawakolna) application, 

in cooperation with the Saudi Authority for Data and Artificial Intelligence.

Link to download the application Tawakalna on Android and iPhone

And the Education and Training Reinforcement Authority added that in the event that the result does not appear through the agency's Tawakolna application, the details can be viewed in the student's profile in (Qiyas).



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