My Play Home Plus for Android and iPhone

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My Play Home Plus for Android and iPhone

 My Play Home Plus

My Play Home Plus for Android and iPhone

Here are game lovers, how and how to download My Playhome Plus My Play Home Plus, the very cool version of the My Play Home Plus game, the whole house is free, and this is unlike the common game, where only part of the house is open and free, 

there is a complete package that you can buy it is not very expensive , And it contains additional features within the game, watch the video below, explaining how to download.

My Play Home Plus 2020

, which is considered one of the integrated games, unlike previous versions, and it is one of the advanced games that includes all versions of My Play Home games, and it is now available for Android phones in the form of apk,

 please note that you are not able to run My Play Home Plus 2020 on Android phones, supports iOS operating systems for all versions of the iPhone, the My Play Home game is available for free without paying not a single dollar.

The game is very interesting and completely new, the game My PlayHome Plus is a game that was specially designed for children as it contains graphics that suit them very much, children can choose between five types of family people,

 the characters

 within the game are: mother, father, boys, girls and children, and it allows you Choose the skin color you prefer, whether it is white or dark, you can create individuals of different races, if it is an Asian, American or African character, children can choose the appearance and hairstyle

Family members can do a lot of activities, for example, you can hang out in the salon inside the house as well as play and listen to music by choosing your favorite playback discs, you can turn on the TV and watch it, in addition to that, 

children in this game can jump and play swing and work Inside the garden, they can also take things like apples, toothbrushes, etc., and it also allows them to build cubes and blow bubbles, also they can get out of the house and go to the market and when they return home, 

their purchases and other things that people do will be kept on the ground, Find out for yourself now.

We all know that the My Play Home game is a number of different parts and versions, namely the home, the school and the hospital, but what is new in the game My Play Home Plus, it includes all the invented and original versions all in one program only, 

where you will be able to move from one place to another In all freedom, from the hospital to the home, from home to school and many more in one connected group, there are also four markets or stores, which are places for fast food and enjoy them freely and a lot to discover by yourself.