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Weapons and character skills

 We are back to you with our new developer blog, and that means there's an upcoming update. Do you know what comes with the update? Balancing game! Today we'll go deeper into why we want to balance the game and our plan for dealing with it. We'll share insights on our developers' philosophy behind making the changes, and how we're determined to make Free Fire even better and map . Weapon modification, but why? One of the coolest things about Battle Royale and Free Fire games is that there are many ways to win the game. You can play covertly and survive through safe areas by dodging enemies while storing healthy equipment and weapons. You can play offensively on your way out of positions. It's hard to coordinate tactics with your team, with someone rushing in and showing support from the rest of the team from behind. But the most important is the weapons you use when it is time to work. You guys are known to be quick to pick up weapons that are more powerful tha

The new update free fire

 Clash squad in the workbook "Clash Squad has already become one of the main game modes for Free Fire along with the Battle Royale Classic mode. We have received comments from many of you saying that you hope you can take the game mode to a competitive level and we also think there is a possibility for that. In this update," We'll launch Clash Squad in the ranked position for you guys to fight for points at the top of the list. This mode will have a separate ranking mechanism and different from the ranking mode in Battle Royale, we keep the regular mode of Flash Squad available for players who are still preparing and training, but other than So, it is time for classification! Clash Squad - The pre-season will be available 09/4 Smoke bomb Available on the Clash Squad Store weapons  “The smoke bomb has been one on most of your wish lists since the launch of Smoke Barrel. We are trying that in Clash Squad this season to see what kind of strategy games you guys will be devel

Pets in free fire 2020 : Free Fire leaks

During the past updates, we have been adding more and more pets to the game. We are also tweaking the way the system works to make it more convenient for those who love to collect pets, and really appreciate the benefit they bring in the game. Today we're going to talk about this system that has become an integral part of Free Fire. Having a pet next to you can be really beneficial: their skills can help you in fights, and getting the right pet when you jump off a plane can make a difference and you won't expect it. Also, they are very nice. Pet system ?! In Battle Royale ?! Attention, the following information is confidential! The pet story is a little different from how normal gameplay was born. One of the things we always get affected by in Free Fire is how it breaks through communication walls and is able to help people make connections and communicate with others. These connections come from many different angles, and we wanted to portray them by representing gameplay in o